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Advanced example

After going to the Advanced fitting mode Recover the ``Advanced-1'' example. This example corresponds to the fitting of

y=\frac{A_0}{m\sqrt{((2\pi f)^2-(K/m)^2)^2+(2\pi f b/m)^2}}
\end{displaymath} (3)

to a several sets of experimental results obtained in a spring-mass oscillating systems for different values of mass $m$. $b$ is the friction parameter, $K$ is the spring's elastic constant, $f$ is the frequency of the external oscillating force, and $A_O$ is a constant.

There are several data sets ($f$, $y$, $\epsilon_y$) one for each value of $m$.

Please note how the plots are defined.

Pedro SebastiĆ£o 2009-11-16